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health coverage for members & families

Obtaining low-cost coverage is easy with our Group Limited Medical Plans



Getting healthcare coverage can be expensive – and complicated. But, with our Group Limited Medical Plans, we offer a unique alternative to traditional healthcare coverage. We make it easy for you to receive the protection that is right for your lifestyle, your budget, and your peace-of-mind.

That's why the Association for Better Health has endorsed the offering of this group health care coverage and made it simple for all of its members to access and attain. The Group Limited Medical insurance plans are offered through independent licensed insurance agencies who are not affiliated with ABH.

We don’t decide what’s best for you – you do! Our levels of coverage include low copay office visits, in-hospital coverage, accident coverage, critical illness, prescription savings, as well as optional dental and vision plans. There are no medical questions asked so everyone has guaranteed acceptance of coverage. Using our nationwide network of doctors and hospitals puts savings in your pocket!

As a currently enrolled member, go to the member page for important plan information. Here you will be able to access phone numbers and links to: member services, claims service, online member portal, physician network search, and featured association member programs.

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